Walking along the shoreline in Jersey City is one of the most well-liked activities. Not only can you catch glimpses of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from this New Jersey city, but you can also try to obtain the greatest view of the NYC skyline from across the river. But you’ll need more if you want to look for Jersey City’s actual center, don’t you?

Beyond its advantageous location as a Big Apple observation point, Jersey City offers much more.  Jersey City offers so many interesting and off-the-beaten-path activities that you should make it your main travel destination.

In Jersey City, there are plenty of activities to occupy your time for some time. Let’s examine the most exceptional ones.

1. Soak up all of the street art in the city

Check out the street art in Jersey City for one of the more unusual things to do first thing in the morning. The Jersey City Mural Arts Program is a citywide initiative that actively promotes street art, giving preference to large-scale artwork over ordinary graffiti, because it is evident how well-liked street art is in the community.

Though you might explore the area and try to find the best sites on your own, it can be difficult to identify some of them, so you might want to hire a guide to help you figure out where to go.

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2. Spend some time at the Empty Sky Memorial

This moving memorial, which honors the victims of the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, is situated in Liberty State Park, across from the location where the Twin Towers once stood in the skyline of New York City. One of the most poignant and iconic things to do in Jersey City is to visit the Empty Sky Memorial, a stark, moving, and extremely powerful reminder of the tragedy of 9/11.

This memorial, which is composed of two steel walls bearing the 749 names of New Jerseyans who died in the World Trade Center attacks, is exquisitely lit at night, with light shining through each letter of the names.

3. Marvel at the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

Built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style back in 1889, this massive, ancient structure may not be used as a passenger terminal anymore, but its majesty more than makes up for its lack of current railway-based functionality. Enter, take in the expansive interiors, and buy or inquire about Ellis Island (also known as the Statue of Liberty) ferry tickets here.

Alternatively, you might simply stroll about and imagine how crowded this station would have been in the 1940s and 1950s with commuters. This is undoubtedly one of the most unusual things to do in Jersey City if you’re interested in history. We think that’s very cool; it is.

4. Check out the exhibition at Mana Contemporary

For those with an artistic bent or just a general interest in amazing art, Mana Contemporary is a must-visit cultural center. This Jersey City institution honors the creative process by showcasing creative talent from the area through a variety of occasionally interactive exhibits and shows.

The Mana Contemporary, one of Jersey City’s top artistic attractions, is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can easily take a full day to explore, particularly if you’re truly into seeing everything. Advice: Although admission is free, taking a tour is the best way to see it. Tours are offered Tuesday through Friday at noon and 3 p.m.

5. Delight in all of the food in Downtown Jersey City

Jersey City is an excellent choice for foodies, much like its nearby neighbor, New York City. If you’re interested in eating, one of the most important things to do in Jersey City is to visit the waterfront Downtown area, which is teeming with cuisine options from all over the world.

Although it has always had potential, Jersey City’s downtown is now firmly established as a culinary destination. For instance, check out the daily meal at the neighborhood favorite The Kitchen Step, indulge in Portuguese classics at Broa, or sample some Latin American cuisine at Mi Casa. Dive in and enjoy everything from Chinese to Italian and Mexican cuisine.

6. Hang out in Hoboken

Another neighborhood in New Jersey is Hoboken, which is located just north of an artificial administrative border. Surprisingly charming, this square mile of a district is ideal for meandering around with its colorful antique houses, cobblestone walkways, and adorable stores. Among the more unusual things to do in Jersey City is to explore the neighborhood.

Take a stroll down Washington Avenue and have a few drinks at Hoboken Pilsner Haus & Biergarten. After that, stop by the renowned and historic Carlo’s Bakery to indulge your sweet appetite, have lunch at a terrific tiny café like Anthony David’s, and stroll along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway for views of the New York City skyline. Fun fact: In the United States, Hoboken boasts the most bars per resident.

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Unusual Things to Do in Jersey City

We are aware of how much you guys enjoy venturing off-course to discover the unusual and amazing. In light of this, we’ve put together this fantastic little list of strange things to do in Jersey City.

7. Take out a jetski on New York Harbor

Is there any place more famous than New York Harbor for a jetski ride? What a fantastic way to see the skyline of such a well-known city! And it’s not just a fantasy either—all you have to do is go to the marina, grab your jetski (provided by Sea The City), life jacket, and wetsuit, and go out.

This is a quirky and unconventional way to experience the sights of New York City from the ocean and one of the most interesting things to do in Jersey City. This is a sure fire hit for everyone who enjoys a little adrenaline boost. Grab a jet ski and have fun zipping!

8. Visit the Independent Retailers in Jersey City to Shop.

Many independent shops in Jersey City are just waiting for you to explore. This has to be one of the more unusual things to do in Jersey City, away from the city’s more traditional attractions and the skyline of New York City.

A citywide policy aims to prevent large chains from taking control by supporting independent retailers. We wholeheartedly endorse that. It means you’ll discover some pretty little hidden jewels around town. Some examples include Word, an independent community bookstore; Another Man’s Treasure, which sells vintage items; and Kanibal & Co., which sells weird items. JCI Magazine is a free publication that provides information about independent retailers. Check it out.

9. Eat your way around Little Manilla

Though you may be familiar with Chinatown and Little Italy, you may not be as familiar with the Filipino community in New Jersey. Since almost 20,000 Filipinos, or 7% of Jersey City’s population, are native to the area, there are a lot of Filipino-owned companies there, which inevitably include food.

There are several locations you can visit; most of them are concentrated around Manila Avenue and the city’s Five Corners neighborhood. One of the more unique things to do in Jersey City is to visit Red Ribbon, one of the most well-known bakery brands in the Philippines. Other popular attractions include Max’s Restaurant, which is well-known for its fried chicken, and Phil-Am Grocery, which is the largest and oldest grocery store in the area.

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Things to Do in Jersey City at Night

Jersey City at Night

Jersey City offers lots of nighttime activities to keep guests busy long after the sun sets, such as diving bars and skyline views of New York.

10. See the New York skyline at night

It’s a fact that there are some of the best things to do in Jersey City that are literally over the sea in another city. That’s New York City, in case you haven’t figured it out yet—we’ve said it enough.

The greatest time to see one of the most famous skylines in the world is at night when the skyscrapers and imposing structures representing capitalism, banking, and business are illuminated in all their dazzling glory. Settle into a bench seat and prepare for one of Jersey City’s greatest nighttime activities.

11. Go and watch some live music

If you enjoy listening to music, you should check out what Jersey City’s live music industry has to offer. There are quite a few locations in the city where you can frequently go to watch awesome live performers and bands perform for both small and huge audiences.

White Eagle Hall, which can accommodate 800 people and has been hosting significant acts since 1910, is one of the largest. Visit Monty Hall, which is home to a plethora of independent artists, if you’re searching for something a little more hipster to do in Jersey City at night. Another location to see up-and-coming musicians is the restaurant and performance space known as FM Bar.

Romantic Things to Do in Jersey City

Taking your significant other on a stroll in Central Park during the winter or going shopping at Macy’s would be a romantic activity. But let’s explore what Jersey City has to offer romantics in case New York is crowded.

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12. See a Performance at the Historic Loew’s Theatre

The historic Landmark Loew’s Theatre, built in the 1920s and opened one month before the stock market crash that marked the beginning of the Great Depression, is a sight to behold from both the inside and the outside. While the opulent, stark exteriors stand in stark contrast to the surrounding skyline, the interiors are a world apart.

Envision an atmosphere of royalty, opulence, and all the elegance you can imagine—an ideal setting for one of the most romantic New Jersey activities. You and your companion are going to adore this one, whether you watch a play, a musical, or even a vintage film. Check out the schedule online.

13. Meander around the Midnight Market

Spending time exploring Jersey City’s Midnight Market with your significant other is undoubtedly one of the nicest things to do there as a pair. Described as a foodie’s event, it will be more enjoyable if you both have a strong interest in food.

This indoor culinary festival is jam-packed with tons of locations, and although it doesn’t officially start until midnight (it runs from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.), it’s still one of Jersey City’s best options for fun-seeking couples. In addition to enjoying a few beverages and, of course, grabbing a bite to eat, you can also listen to DJs here.

Best Free Things to Do in Jersey City

Going to Jersey City on a tight budget? No worries; we’ve compiled a list of the top free activities in Jersey City that will let you know what to do and where to go.

14. Go and see the iconic Newport Lighthouse

When you see the iconic red and white stripes of Jersey City’s most recognizable landmark, you can be sure that it’s the Newport Lighthouse. Known by its official name, LeFrak Lighthouse, after the LeFrak family from the area, it has been a prominent attraction since the 1980s and a favorite place to hang out and enjoy a picnic.

One of the best free things to do in Jersey City is to locate a place to relax and grab some food from a local bakery. However, this depends on the weather. Advice: Although not included in it, there is an activity called the Lighthouse Challenge, which involves identifying every lighthouse in New Jersey. This is an excellent activity if you enjoy making lists and will be spending some time in NJ.

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15. Take a breather at Lincoln Park

This Westside park, which first opened in 1905, is a good spot to gather your thoughts and find some peace amidst the city’s tall buildings and skyscrapers. A highway divides Lincoln Park’s roughly 270 acres into east and west halves; however, it is readily crossed by a bridge.

Wetlands, a river walk, a plethora of meandering pathways, spots to stop and relax, sports grounds, running tracks, and even a lake can all be found here. Without question, one of the best free things to do in Jersey City is to visit and take a stroll in the beautiful area of greenery.

Best Things to Do in Jersey City with Kids

You must find something to entertain children if you are visiting Jersey City with them. We searched the city to compile this list of the top Jersey City family activities because we understand that this might be challenging.

16. Get hands-on at Liberty Science Center

Properly located in Liberty State Park, the Liberty Science Center is a great place to take your kids. If you’re looking for activities to do in New Jersey with your kids, whether they are young or elderly, this expansive area is a must-visit. It is home to what is purported to be the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

Take part in the hunt for extraterrestrial life, explore the solar system, board the Dinosaur Train to learn everything there is to know about prehistoric animals, navigate the 80-foot-long, completely dark Touch Tunnel, study evolution, and even learn about local topics like what precisely is living in the Hudson River. This wonderful place has some things to teach even adults.

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17. Walk along the Weehawken Recreation Pier

Weehawken Recreation Pier might be worth a visit if you’re seeking a family-friendly harborside location in the city that you haven’t been to before. This location offers fantastic views of New York City and is perfect for family portraits with the Empire State Building in the background.

Among the greatest family-friendly activities in Jersey City, it’s a terrific place to take a stroll, let your kids run around for a bit, get some fresh air, and take in some of the nicest views of New York City on this side of the Hudson River.

Day Trips from Jersey City

There is too much to not venture outside the city to see what’s happening, even though Jersey City is cool enough to explore on its terms while staying inside. If you want to explore the surrounding area, we’ve included our two favorite (and incredibly simple) day trips departing from Jersey City that transport you from scenic natural areas to globally recognized cities.

Pay a Visit to Niagara Falls

Taking a day trip from Jersey City to the spectacular Niagara Falls has to be one of the best things you could be doing with your time, as it offers one of the most iconic man-made skylines in the world, alongside one of the most well-known natural wonders.

It takes around six hours of driving to get to the famed falls from Jersey City, but if you want to do it and enjoy road trips a lot, you can do this in a single day. You’ll need to depart early to make the most of it—we’re talking early in the morning.

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Explore Manhattan

For most of your stay in Jersey City, you will be gazing at Manhattan. It would be foolish to remain in Jersey City merely for the sake of exploring what Jersey City has to offer. It was not a very smart move. With one of the greatest cities in the world right outside your door, you should take a day trip from Jersey City to the well-known NYC, namely Manhattan.

You are aware of almost all the places in Manhattan that you could go to. You might explore Chinatown, Central Park, the Upper West Side, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building (take the elevator for amazing views), and many more locations. You’ll have a great day touring Manhattan because there are many things to do here!

Don’t forget your travel insurance for Jersey City

Make sure your travel insurance is arranged before you leave. Though there are many options in that department, the Safety Wing is an excellent place to start. They provide the exact insurance that long-term travelers and digital nomads require—month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and no itineraries.

Safety in Jersey City

The most popular destinations and well-traveled routes in Jersey City are generally safe for visitors to visit, so they should have no trouble going there. That being said, Jersey City’s crime rate tends to rise at night. This is more common in the southern parts of the city, specifically in Bayonne, but you should be safe as long as you follow the general guidelines and avoid going alone after dark in abandoned neighborhoods.

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You should be fine most of the time, including Downtown and the Historic District. The atmosphere of these neighborhoods is reminiscent of some of the safer parts of nearby New York City. Like any urban area in the world, some parts of Jersey City are more “notorious” for being unsafe than others and have a higher crime rate.

Avoid appearing like a lost traveler, use caution (especially at night), and don’t allow Google Maps to take you into odd alleyways. Before you go off, read our advice on how to travel securely and make sure you have travel insurance.


In conclusion, Jersey City offers a wealth of experiences just waiting to be explored.
Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a foodie, or a family looking for fun, Jersey City has something for everyone. Venture out, explore, and create memorable moments in this dynamic city.

Embark on this exciting journey through Jersey City, where every street corner reveals a new adventure. It’s time to experience the charm and energy of this remarkable city. Start planning your visit today