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Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA We’ll explore the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, VA, a charming city that offers a plethora of activities to suit every interest and preference, ensuring you have an unforgettable visit to this vibrant destination. Alexandria, Virginia, sits on the banks of the Potomac River, which meanders along its eastern edge.

The nation’s capital, Washington, DC, is a short ten miles away from this city, making it quite convenient. Alexandria might therefore periodically stay concealed behind the well-known capital city. However, visitors to this significant historical landmark are rewarded with captivating stories about the city’s past.

Alexandria was established before the middle of the eighteenth century, making it far older than it looks. Not only was it George Washington’s home, but there are many stories about the American Revolution and the slave trade associated with it. Visitors can see views of ancient 18th-century structures, including Christ Church, which was built in 1773.

Beyond historical sites, Alexandria offers much more. For anyone planning a weekend getaway or longer, this piece is the ultimate guide, including comprehensive information on all the must-see attractions and Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA.

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Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA

In addition to outdoor activities and other attractions, Alexandria provides guests with a plethora of historical adventures. Allow these Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, VA, to serve as your guide to the enchanted city and all of its captivating features.

1. Explore the Natural World at Huntley Meadows Park

Huntley Meadows Park

The well-known Huntley Meadows Park is one of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, VA. Here, visitors can stroll around the largest park run by the Fairfax County Park Authority and visit the animal habitats and treasured homes that are connected.

This park has a very tranquil atmosphere, drawing tourists from all across Virginia and Washington, DC, who want to get away from the bustle. Alexandria is not far to drive; it’s right south of the park.

The 1,500 acres of land in the park also feature a half-mile accessible boardwalk, wooded pathways, and a distinct Hemi-Marsh ecological habitat.

2. Visit The Little Theatre Of Alexandria

The Little Theatre is the next location to see in Alexandria, Virginia. Visitors can enjoy local productions here, which range from lively musicals to dramatic tragedies. The fact that visitors who come to see a performance are encouraging and supporting the local creatives and artists is what makes this place unique.

Throughout American history, particularly in this region of the country, theatre has played a significant role and will continue to do so. Attending a performance at the Little Theatre only seems fitting given Alexandria’s reputation for having a rich artistic, historical, and cultural heritage.

The theatre was established in 1934 and was formerly called the Peacock Players, according to some sources. Since then, it has presented over 350 works; in recent years, as many as 7 or 10 shows have been presented each season. It’s usually an amazing addition to the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, VA, because this is one of the city’s most well-rated locations.

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3. Thrill At Great Waves Waterpark

One of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, VA is a trip to Alexandria’s Great Waves Waterpark, which will not disappoint anyone looking for some fun. Not only is this one of the few waterparks in the area, but it’s also one of Virginia’s best summertime destinations.

Explore the site here, which has some of Northern Virginia’s most distinctive and entertaining water attractions. Great Waves Waterpark is a memorable experience, with five spacious water slides, restaurant options, and additional swimming pools.

Within the 20-acre compound are batting cages and a mini-golf course. Families visiting Alexandria can find this to be a pleasant day trip, particularly in the warmer summer months.

Additionally, bear in mind that this waterpark is situated inside Cameron Run Regional Park when planning your route. Fortunately, there won’t be long drives between towns, monuments, and attractions because the region is small.

4. Tour Around the Carlyle House Historic Park

The Carlyle House, located in Old Town, is a mansion erected in 1751 that belonged to Scottish trader John Carlyle, who also founded the city. It is a museum now, and visitors are welcome to take tours of the historic park located on its three quarter-acre grounds.

Exploring the 18th-century-designed gardens, or taking a tour of the house and taking in the Georgian-style architecture is also one of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA,

5. Visit George Washington’s House in Mount Vernon

George Washington's House in Mount Vernon

George Washington, the nation’s first president, has a house that is open for tours. This well-known Virginia landmark, called Mount Vernon, was constructed on the Potomac River’s banks more than 250 years ago. It is one of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA.

The enormous estate consists of the main mansion and other outbuildings that have been nearly entirely restored, such as the kitchen, blacksmith shop, spinning house, wash house, and slave quarters.

Public access is available for audio tours of all these structures, as well as the mansion, gardens, and farm. The chance for visitors to learn about American history makes Mount Vernon a fitting addition to the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

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6. Explore Alexandria’s Old Town

Exploring Alexandria’s Old Town is among the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA. The town of Alexandria was first established in this area in the middle of the eighteenth century by the early immigrants. The structures that line the streets indicate that this is the oldest area of the city.

Wander about this area of Alexandria and take in the views of the historically significant buildings, which now house some of the best eateries and shops in the city. This area of town is home to famous buildings like the George Washington National Masonic Memorial, the Carlyle House, and the Gatsby’s Tavern Museum.

King Street is the ideal location to experience Old Town since it seamlessly combines historic buildings with contemporary shops and eateries.

7. Explore Jones Point Park in the Afternoon

One of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, is a visit to Jones Point Park. This park, located on the Potomac River, is an excellent place for travelers to watch the river. Jones Point Park, like Alexandria as a whole, has a rich history; the lighthouse, the only intact riverine lighthouse in Virginia, was built in 1855. However, this lighthouse is not accessible to the general public. The park has playgrounds, sports fields, fishing piers, and a canoe launch.

8. Explore the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum.

The US Patent and Trademark Office is based in Alexandria, and as such, it has granted many patents to well-known individuals over the years. The US Patent Office building houses the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum, where visitors can gain knowledge about these notable inventions.

A combined 1965–2015 Ford Mustang, the history of Qualcomm’s inventions, and the biographies of hundreds of innovators, ranging from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, are among the exhibits that make it one of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA.

9. Celebrate Regional Art at the Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Torpedo Factory Art Center gets its name from the fact that it is housed in a former torpedo station from a munitions plant. This art center includes over ten galleries where local artists have exhibited their works since 1974.

The Alexandria Archaeology Museum, which features displays of the city’s maritime history and archeological legacy, is also housed in the art center. Exploring the Torpedo Factory Art Center is one of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA.

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10. Take a Potomac River Boat Cruise

Potomac River Boat Cruise

One of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, is go on a boat cruise in Alexandria’s most popular natural feature, the Potomac River, which is best viewed from a boat cruise. Numerous firms, such as the Potomac Riverboat Company, arrange tours out of Alexandria. This business provides water taxi services to Washington, DC, and other riverfront cities. A boat excursion to Mount Vernon is another option for visitors.

The Best Ways To Navigate Alexandria, Virginia

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, located only 4 miles from Alexandria, welcomes visitors arriving by air. Washington Dulles International Airport accepts international flights; nevertheless, it is approximately forty minutes drive from Alexandria.

Visitors to the city can utilize the following methods to get around:


The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority operates the Metrobus, which has several routes in Alexandria. Tourists traveling to Washington, DC, have the option of taking this bus, which connects the area. Metrobus fares begin at $2 per trip, although customers can purchase multi-ride passes that also include train travel.

One-day unlimited passes cost $13, and seven-day passes cost $58 for multi-day permits. Within the city, the Alexandria Transit Company runs a bus service called Dash. This is a free service that operates throughout Alexandria on multiple routes every week.


Metrorail is a subway system run by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority. Riders can go to Washington, DC, or throughout Alexandria via any of the four Metrorail stations in the city. On weekdays, the train runs from 5 a.m. to midnight, while on weekends, it runs until midnight. Each ride costs $2 in starting fees.


One free trolley that serves King Street in Old Town Alexandria runs daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on a hop-on-hop-off schedule from the Metrorail station to Market Square.

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Where To Eat In Alexandria

Breakfast: Barnside Diner

Address: 6306 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312, United States

Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere can be found at Barnside, a traditional American restaurant. Although it offers lunch, brunch, and breakfast options, the breakfast menu is the main attraction.

Popular morning foods include pancakes and French toast, which are available in strawberry, blueberry, and filled variations. A variety of omelet alternatives, steak fajitas, and chicken fried steak are also available to diners.

Lunch: Ada’s on the River

Address : 3 Pioneer Mill Way, Alexandria, VA 22314, United State

Do you want to eat lunch with a view of the river? Ada’s on the River, which is situated next to the river, sells this. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating so that patrons can fully take in the beauty of the Potomac.

The menu has mains such as huge crab cakes, pork schnitzel, seared salmon, and coal-oven chicken, as well as treats like coal-roasted prawns and grilled octopus. Additionally, there are a variety of cocktails.

Dinner: 2941 Restaurant

Address: 2941 Fairview Park Dr, Falls Church, Alexandria, VA 22042, United States.

With breathtaking views of the surrounding lushness, the elegant 2941 Restaurant is located in a tranquil area of Alexandria. The delicious cuisine is a perfect match for the beautiful setting.

The supper menu at this restaurant features several delicious alternatives, such as Australian Lamb Duo, Crescent Duck Breast, New Zealand King Salmon, and East Coast Oysters. The dessert selections are also worth the restaurant’s exaggerated reputation. Drinks from the wide drink menu can be paired with any of these.

Drinks: Captain Gregory’s

Address: 804 Henry N St, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, US.

Due to its nautical theme, Captain Gregory’s is a small restaurant with a rustic atmosphere. Excellent cocktails are served in the bar, such as Karaoke Superstar, which contains Honeycomb gin among its ingredients, and Tokyo Vice, which is flavored with Wagyu fat. Snacks available to customers include crab hush puppies, steam buns, and fried pork belly, among others.

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Where To Stay in Alexandria, VA|Hotel

Selecting the ideal lodging is essential during the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, for an unforgettable journey. Here are some of the best accommodations in Alexandria, VA:

The Alexandrian Autograph Collection

The Alexandrian Autograph Collection

Aside from the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA mentioned earlier, The Alexandrian, Autograph Collection, a Marriott Bonvoy hotel in Alexandria’s historic Old Town, is worth visiting. It offers chic accommodations near the waterfront and attractions.

Features include a stylish lobby, 24-hour fitness center, outdoor courtyard, restaurant, event venues, catering services, and pet-friendly rooms and suites with modern amenities. Ideal for travelers exploring Alexandria and Washington, DC.

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

The Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, part of the Marriott Bonvoy brand, is a hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, near the Winkler Botanical Preserve and the Mark Center Department of Defense building. Amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, a seasonal pool, a restaurant, and event venues.

Featuring a red-brick façade and southern hospitality style, the modern, pet-friendly rooms and suites offer a refined boutique experience for travelers exploring the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA and Washington, DC

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Alexandria

During the exploration of the Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Alexandria is a hotel that offers free breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour fitness center.

It is located near Fort Belvoir’s military base and the National Harbor. It has a chic lobby, an outdoor courtyard, and a restaurant called King & Rye. The rooms and suites are modern, clever, and pet-friendly.

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Tips For Visiting Alexandria

Here are some tips for visiting Alexandria:

  1. Historical Attractions: Alexandria is a city with a rich history. You can visit ancient architecture from the 18th century, like Christ Church, which was built in 1773. Other notable landmarks include the Carlyle House and George Washington’s Mount Vernon.
  2. Natural Sights: The city is home to beautiful natural sights like the Potomac River, Huntley Meadows Park, and Jones Point Park.
  3. Cultural Experiences: The Torpedo Factory Art Center, a former munitions plant from World War II, has transformed into a thriving hub for local artists.
  4. Food and Drink: Alexandria offers a variety of dining options. Be sure to try out the local cuisine.
  5. Plan Ahead: If you’re traveling to Alexandria at the last minute, ensure you have lodging and tours booked ahead of time.
  6. Explore Beyond the City: Alexandria is just 10 miles from Washington, DC, making it a great base for exploring the nation’s capital.

In conclusion, The Top 10 Things To Do in Alexandria VA, offers a distinctive fusion of the old and the new. It’s also a wonderful base for touring the nation’s capital because of its proximity to Washington, DC. With any luck, this essay has inspired and given you ideas for how to make the most of Alexandria, Virginia’s many sights and wonders during your visit. Don’t delay; plan your vacation to Alexandria, Virginia, now to take in the allure and splendor of this city! 

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