17 Best Places to Visit in March in the USA 2024

Discover the best places to visit in March in the USA and bid farewell to winter. Embrace the arrival of spring as you explore diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, from the sunny shores of the West Coast to the charming streets of the South.

Depending on what you are looking for, a March trip to the USA has a lot of possibilities. Would you prefer chilly or warm weather? Hiking trails in the desert or skiing? Will you go to any enjoyable activities like music festivals or hot springs?

You could drive via Red Rock National Parks and the Pacific Coast Highway, see the Northern Lights, and visit ski areas. Whatever you decide to do, there is something in the US for everyone at every season. It’s just one of our favourite things about travelling to the US every year.

All things considered, March is a great shoulder season to visit the hotspots before they get crowded. It also boasts some of the ideal climates for engaging in outdoor sports, like hiking safe paths across the desert or hitting the slopes.

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Best Places to Visit in March in the USA: USA Spring Vacation Spots

March is a great month to visit the United States because of the fewer crowds and warmer temperatures. Having said that, what are the best places to visit in March in the USA?

We have a tonne of inspiration waiting for you, whether you prefer outdoor activities or visiting art galleries.

1. Virgin Islands in the US

If you’re looking for sunny weather and gorgeous beaches in March, the US Virgin Islands are undoubtedly among the best places to visit in March in the USA. The Virgin Islands are a recognised, unincorporated US territory in theory.

It abides by US law, even though it has its own municipal government. It’s a bit of a sly addition to this guide, but it’s still a fantastic spot to go. A collection of Caribbean islands called the US Virgin Islands are home to gorgeous white sand beaches and reefs teeming with marine life. The Virgin Islands National Park, which is perfect for trekking, scuba diving, bird watching, and snorkelling, is located there.

The US Virgin Islands are the best option for a tropical vacation in March. Additionally, it boasts a few ancient towns, like Frederiksted and Christiansted, where visitors can engage in cultural sightseeing at sites like the Danish colonial-era Christiansted National Ancient Site.

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2. Golden Isles, Georgia

The Golden Isles are a chain of barrier islands that round Georgia’s coast. The four main islands of the Golden Isles are ideal if you’re searching for the best places to visit in March in the USA

Jekyll Island, Little St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and St. Simons Island are all well-known for their breathtaking scenery and traditional southern hospitality. What’s not to love about large beaches, deep sea fishing, concerts, and excellent dining establishments? The typical temperature ranges from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brunswick, an affluent island community, boasts a stunning Old Town Historic District and Victorian architecture. It’s easy to locate a hotel there, after which you may rent a vehicle and use the causeways to explore the isles. See locations such as Lover’s Oak, Fort Frederica National Monument, and Driftwood Beach.

3. Washington, DC

Another cherry blossom option on your list is Washington, DC. One of the best places to visit in March in the USA is the National Mall, which boasts about 3,800 cherry trees that are in full bloom during the early spring, providing a breathtaking sight to behold while strolling through the park.

On March 27, you can also take part in the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which honours the Japanese cherry trees that Tokyo’s then-mayor, Yukio Ozaki, gave to the city in 1912. If you decide to spend your US March vacation in Washington, DC, you can take advantage of this celebration and the trees’ pink blossoms.

There are plenty of activities in Washington, DC, like visiting the White House, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, the Library of Congress, and several Smithsonian institutions. This is in addition to the breathtaking displays of blossoms. It’s a powerful option if you’re looking for a lengthy weekend city break.

4. Louisiana’s New Orleans

New Orleans is too good not to love. Exuberantly outgoing, this capital of Louisiana is ideal for an exciting city getaway. Famous for its spicy Creole cuisine, New Orleans offers delectable dishes that are a great way to warm up after the winter. And with its legendary “Big Easy” reputation and round-the-clock partying, New Orleans’ nightlife is equally amazing.

March is also a great month to travel to New Orleans for a celebration. Between February and the beginning of March, there are two major events: Mardi Gras and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. March 17th is usually St. Patrick’s Day; you can find out the Mardi Gras dates in advance. New Orleans is undoubtedly among the best places to visit in March in the USA if you’re looking for events and a vibrant party scene.

We can provide you with a tonne of information about New Orleans, including a three-day itinerary and a lodging guide. In addition, we offer a guide to the top attractions in the city, such as the famous Frenchmen Street and the Museum of Death in New Orleans.

5. Kentucky’s Louisville

Jack Harlow’s ascent to prominence in Louisville was swift. It’s also among the best places to visit in March in the USA, for people who may not be aware. Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, serves as a great starting point for seeing the state’s major tourist destinations, which include the creepy Waverly Hills Sanatorium and the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park.

If you’d like to see some of the lesser-known cities in the United States, Louisville is a treat. There are many concerts, craft beer festivals, and exciting St. Patrick’s Day parades in March. To visit the sights, take in the activities in Louisville, and fit in some day trips, make sure you stay for at least a few days.

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6. California’s San Francisco

An excuse is not necessary to support a vacation to San Francisco. In the US city break scene, San Francisco is a charming icon. San Francisco has many things to do, from the famous Golden Gate Bridge to the holy Alcatraz Island.

Have you never been there before? It’s undoubtedly among the best places to visit in March in the USA and one of the most well-known cities in the world, and many Hollywood films have used it as a backdrop. Wow, factors and nostalgia are balanced in San Francisco.

Of course, there’s the added benefit of cherry blossom season in March. With sunny skies and cooler temperatures, the weather is also perfect. This indicates that visiting during the shoulder season is a practical way to avoid the summer throng. Because of its location in the North Pacific Ocean, it can get windy, so pack some warm clothes.

8. Missouri’s St. Louis

Many travellers tend to overlook St. Louis. If you’ve never heard of St. Louis, you should know that it’s a city in Missouri with a neighbourhood known for its barbecue and blues music. The stunning Garden of the Gods route and the Mark Twain National Forest are both easily accessible from St. Louis on day getaways.

The temps are just right for pleasant trekking, making it one of the best places to visit in March in the USA. You also get walks with springtime greenery that are quieter.
St. Louis is a fantastic destination in and of itself for travellers looking to escape the “usual” city vacations.

St. Louis is ideal if you enjoy doing outdoor excursions and want to see a different cityscape. Don’t forget to visit the St. Louis Riverfront, explore the Soulard District’s blues scene, and stroll along the Mural Mile. See our post on the 26 Greatest Things to Do in St. Louis, Missouri, for more inspiring suggestions.

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9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Just south of Denver, Colorado Springs is a great “second city” for a March getaway because of its rich history. The ease with which one can access scenic natural areas and hiking paths from the city centre, however, is its most remarkable feature.

You can travel hours on calm routes through the Pike National Forest or ride the cog railway to Pikes Peak. Next is the city’s Garden of the Gods Park, which features red sandstone formations. Colorado Springs is an excellent place to go outdoors, even if you don’t have much experience.

March in Colorado Springs is still a peaceful month, with many of the city’s most well-traveled trails being almost deserted. Since a lot of the natural attractions are close to the city centre, summertime brings large numbers of people to these places. Colorado Springs is one of the best places to visit in March in the USA

10. Utah’s Salt Lake City

March is when Salt Lake City expects the last of the snow to fall. Numerous ski resorts may be found in the Wasatch Mountains, which encircle Utah City. Thus, you can still enjoy the slopes and some exhilarating activities if you visit in March.

However, the city centre’s climate is significantly milder now, making it the perfect time to explore the city. Salt Lake City is one of the best places to visit in March in the USA and do some sightseeing outside.

As far as US destinations go, Salt Lake City is unquestionably among the greatest in March. Spending a few days skiing and touring sites like Temple Square and the Nightmare on 13th House is a terrific idea. If you have more time, you can use the city as a starting point for a road trip across the “Mighty 5” national parks.

11. Nevada’s Las Vegas

When considering where to go for spring break, who doesn’t think of Vegas? For visitors arriving in the second half of March, we suggest Sin City. The greatest St. Patrick’s Day festivities and, of course, Spring Break partying takes place in the second part of March.

Nevada Las Vegas is one of the best places to visit in March in the USA, which includes going to places like the Neon Museum, going casino hopping, and taking a kayak excursion to Emerald Cave. When you go to Las Vegas, you expect an agenda that is full of activities. To take advantage of everything Vegas has to offer, we suggest planning to stay for at least a few days.

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12. Massachusetts, Boston

Boston is excellent if you’re looking for the best places to visit in March in the USA. Prepare yourself for strong ocean winds because the capital of Massachusetts is located directly on the North Atlantic Ocean’s shore.

It receives about nine inches of snowfall in March, so you can still dress stylishly for the winter there. Boston is an excellent destination for a winter city break if you are unable to take one. The famous Harvard University grounds, artisan brewery tours, and indoor markets like Lowell Mill and Bow Market are just a few of the fun things to do in Boston.

Boston has a vibrant arts and culture scene, cobblestone streets, and other unique features. It also offers some unforgettable day trips, such as visiting the Salem Witch Museum, which is the site of the historic Salem Witch Trials.

13. Florida Keys, FL

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, warm spot to go for spring break, the Florida Keys are a great option. It’s the perfect place to come in the second half of March, when other spring breakers swarm to the islands because it offers a variety of sandy beaches and water sports. For other ideas, view our guide on Florida Keys lodging options.

What about people who might like a more sedate Florida Keys experience? The rest of the Florida Keys are beckoning in March, but Key West is the place to go in January. The temperatures are mild enough to make beach days and snorkelling excursions more appealing than touring. The Florida Keys is one of the best places to visit in March in the USA.

This is the ideal time of year to visit the less-crowded, quieter keys in the first part of March. The hottest summertime temperatures won’t reach you. Even so, temperatures will be comfortable, reaching as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

14. Arizona’s Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon doesn’t need to be introduced to you. This enormous natural feature is well-known around the world for its size and significance to geology. Millions of tourists visit the canyon each year to gaze down into the Colorado River, and the stratification of the rocks preserves millions of years of history.

You can take a luxurious helicopter trip above it, or you can trek the North and South Rim routes. At the Grand Canyon, there are a tonne of activities available.

What, therefore, makes it one of the best places to visit in March in the USA? First of all, because it’s a shoulder month, there won’t be summertime chaos, and the temps are high enough to enjoy outdoor activities. March is calm in the first half and hectic with Spring Break guests in the second.

You have the option of going during a slower time of year or taking advantage of Spring Break’s hype and partying at neighbouring ski resorts in Flagstaff. In either case, it’s a fantastic way to explore the canyon. If you decide to go during Spring Break, be sure to reserve your accommodations at the Grand Canyon in advance.

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15. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Unquestionably one of the best places to visit in March in the USA is Arkansas, and a great spot to go in March is Hot Springs National Park. Encompassing around 5,550 acres, the park is home to an exquisite system of historic thermal springs.

For cultural and safety concerns, bathing is not permitted in Hot Springs National Park; nevertheless, if you would like to sample hot waters, Bathhouse Row is a short distance away.

Hot Springs National Park is best visited on a long weekend, and there are fewer people there in the first half of March. At about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, dress a little warmer. The temperate temperatures, however, are ideal for hiking and swimming in the thermal pools at Bathhouse Row.

16. Texas’s Willow City

Willow City is small. The unincorporated village consists of a few isolated homes and hotels in the area. It has three essential buildings: a post office, a church, and a school. What precisely does this lovely Hill Country hamlet in Texas have to offer, especially in the early spring?

Willow City is well-known for its springtime blooms, particularly the Texas bluebonnets. The Willow City Loop is a 13-mile picturesque route that passes through some of the best views of flowers if you visit in March. One of the best places to visit in March in the USA is because of its flora scene.

For those who are interested in Civil War history, Willow City also has a fascinating background. English-speaking settlers started congregating in Willow City, which gradually drew more lawbreakers and other rebellious individuals. The fields studded with flowers will have an even greater impact if you do some research before you visit.

17. Savannah, Georgia

One of the best places to visit in March in the USA is Savannah, a significant city on Georgia’s coast. The city is just beginning to warm up this time of year, with highs of 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is great since it means you can once again appreciate street culture and beauty. Savannah is well-known for its antebellum buildings and horse-drawn carriages. Imagine public parks with lots of oak trees and cobblestone areas.

Take a tour of River Street in Savannah, Georgia, Forsyth Park, and the Wormsloe State Historic Site. Savannah’s simple charm stems from its people’s ability to walk. So set aside some time to explore its most picturesque parks and streets.

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FAQs about the Best Places to Visit in March in the USA 2024

1. What makes March an ideal time to visit the USA?

March is a great time to visit the USA because it marks the transition from winter to spring, offering pleasant weather and a variety of outdoor activities.

2. What are some popular destinations to visit in March in the USA?

Popular destinations to visit in March in the USA include cities on the West Coast like Los Angeles and San Francisco, southern cities like Charleston and New Orleans, destinations in the Rocky Mountains like Denver and Aspen, east coast cities like New York City and Miami, and off-the-beaten-path destinations like Sedona and Santa Fe.

3. What kind of weather can I expect in these destinations in March?

Weather in March varies depending on the location, but generally, you can expect mild temperatures on the West Coast and in southern cities, snowy conditions in the Rocky Mountains, and cooler temperatures on the East Coast.

4. Are there any special events or festivals happening in these destinations in March?

Yes, many cities in the USA host special events and festivals in March. For example, New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras, Denver hosts the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and New York City holds the Macy’s Flower Show.

5. What are some outdoor activities I can enjoy in these destinations in March?

Outdoor activities vary depending on the destination but may include hiking, skiing, snowboarding, beach activities, sightseeing, and more.

6. How can I find affordable accommodations and travel deals for March travel?

To find affordable accommodations and travel deals for March travel, consider booking in advance, looking for discounts and promotions, and using travel comparison websites to compare prices.

7. Are there any travel restrictions or guidelines I should be aware of when travelling in March 2024?

Travel restrictions and guidelines may vary depending on the destination and current global events. It’s important to stay informed about any travel advisories or restrictions in place and to follow all health and safety guidelines when travelling.

8. What should I pack for March travel in the USA?

When packing for March travel in the USA, it’s a good idea to bring layers, including warm clothing for cooler temperatures and lighter clothing for warmer weather. Additionally, don’t forget to pack any necessary travel documents, medications, and other essentials.

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March is a magical time to explore the United States’ top tourist attractions, with a myriad of destinations waiting to be discovered. The month’s early half is the calmest, making it the best time to avoid crowds. Then, there’s Spring Break in the second half of March, which is great for socialising and meeting new people. It is also the time that March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, is observed.

March Travel in the USA offers a wonderful mix of vacation experiences that are both calm and gregarious. March is one of the best months to travel to the US because of the right mix of crowds, warmer weather, and the attraction of St. Patrick’s Day events. We advise planning a trip—or two.

There is something for everyone to appreciate. You may be drawn to the sunny beaches of the West Coast, the historic beauty of the South, the rugged beauty of the Rockies, the exuberant energy of the East Coast, or the undiscovered treasures off the main route. Thus, gather your belongings, get on the road, and set out on a once-in-a-lifetime March trip across the USA!

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