The Best Place to Stay in Barcelona in 2024|Best Neighbourhoods

Choosing the best place to stay in Barcelona can greatly enhance your experience when planning a visit to this bustling city. There are hardly many places on Earth as enchanted and alluring as Barcelona. With some of the most well-known monuments on the planet, it’s difficult to see how anyone could not have a great time in Barcelona.

Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Catalonia, continues to attract millions of visitors each year. To be honest, a lot depends on where you stay. If you choose a hotel that is too distant from the attractions you want to visit, you’ll spend more time stumbling through the metro than you will exploring and munching on tapas. Nobody wants that to occur, and I’m pleased to assist you in determining where in Barcelona it makes the most sense for you to stay.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best neighbourhoods and recommend the best place to stay in Barcelona, whether you’re on a tighter budget but still value a prime location.

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The Best Place to Stay in Barcelona

Where to Stay in Barcelona

Because Barcelona is a large city, it’s important to remain close to the sites that most interest you. After deciding which landmarks to prioritise, reserve a hotel in the right neighbourhood.

1. Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter

One of the best place to stay in Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter, in this neighbourhood a majority of Barcelona’s oldest structures may be found in the Gothic Quarter, the city’s historic core. Stay here for tonnes of fantastic tapas and pubs, as well as quaint, strollable streets brimming with the city’s most iconic sights.

The Gothic Quarter, at the heart of the Ciutat Vella district, borders Las Ramblas to the west and Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I la Ribera to the east. Regardless of where you stay, you’ll probably visit this neighbourhood often because of its history, culture, and cuisine.

The Best Activities to Do in the Gothic Quarter

There is history all around the Gothic Quarter, which is the finest thing about visiting the area. Even a brief stroll around the block can reveal structures that date back several centuries.

Even though Sagrada Familia is more well-known than the Barcelona Cathedral, it’s nonetheless a striking sight. Located in the heart of the neighbourhood, the Gothic cathedral dating back to the 13th century provides breathtaking views of the city from its great towers.

Visit the Ruins of Rome. The city walls, towers, and temples are just a few of the ancient structures and sites in Barcelona that may be seen in the Gothic Quarter, a historic district.

Take a stroll around Barcelona’s most well-known avenue, La Rambla. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the whole city, it is surrounded by stores and eateries.

Observing people at Plaça Reial is an excellent way to learn more about the culture of the area. This expansive city square is dotted with pubs and restaurants where every evening an extra seat is requested, and it has palm trees and a fountain in the middle.

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The Best Hotels in the Gothic Quarter

For budget-conscious travellers, I don’t think it’s the best option because other districts offer greater value for the money. But you would have to give up on the location, and not everyone likes making compromises.

Kimpton Vividora Hotel

The Kimpton Vividora Hotel is the best place to stay in Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter. It’s in the heart of historic Barcelona, has modern rooms with private bathrooms, and is pet-friendly. There’s a great rooftop pool. Each room has coffee makers, smart TVs, and fancy toiletries. It’s a fantastic option for luxury stays.

This hotel features a spa, a fitness centre, and three restaurants. The Kimpton also hosts the Social Wine Hour, an open bar featuring regional wines that guests are welcome to enjoy every day starting at 6 p.m. You may easily get your money’s worth at the wine bar alone, as accommodations start at $450 per night.

The Barcelona Catedral Hotel

The Hotel Barcelona Catedral is among the best place to stay in Barcelona, a four-star hotel, that boasts a rooftop pool. It sits next to Barcelona’s Cathedral in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Relax by the pool and enjoy views of the Gothic spires and vibrant rooftops.

The guest rooms are spacious, each room includes a desk, TV, and private toilet. The décor blends modern and traditional elements with pops of colour. The hotel also features a restaurant, bar, and fitness centre, providing all the amenities you need. With rates starting at around $330 per night, the hotel offers five-star service and facilities, making it a great value.

Itaca Hostel

Staying in Barcelona’s historic district is still possible, even on a small budget! The Itaca Hostel offers reasonably priced accommodation in a handy location. The only dorms accessible at Itaca Hostel are mixed rooms with six, eight, or ten beds, each with its own bathroom. You’ll share amenities with at least five other residents. But don’t worry, the hostel is known for its cleanliness.

The common areas are nice, with a living room, eating area, and kitchen, giving it a college campus vibe. It’s affordable, with beds in the heart of old Barcelona ranging from $40 to $50.

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2. Eixample:


Eixample, One of the best place to stay in Barcelona is a large city neighbourhood hosting many of Barcelona’s top attractions, spanning from the Sagrada Familia to Sant Antoni Market. Whether it’s your first or fifth visit, Eixample offers something for everyone, from sightseeing and shopping to nightlife and culinary tours. Known for its upscale hotels, tapas bars, and Gaudi’s architecture.

Select Eixample because it’s a highly secure neighbourhood in Barcelona that’s well-liked for its posh hotels and boutiques. While lodging here may cost extra, you won’t have to worry as much about pickpockets and bag snatchers when exploring the city’s streets.

The Best Activities to Do in Eixample

Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood houses the city’s most notable landmarks, stores, structures, and lodging options. If you want to be close to Barcelona’s famous landmarks on foot, stay here.

La Sagrada Familia is the most famous monument in Barcelona and the main attraction of the neighbourhood. It’s been under construction since the late 19th century and is expected to be completed by 2026. However, finishing touches like sculptures and the main entrance staircase may continue until 2034.

Sant Antoni Market is the spot for cheap clothes, pastries, and fresh food. It’s in an old building and great for budget shopping in Barcelona. You can find almost everything here, from yarn to Spanish meats, perfect for souvenirs.

The most well-known structure in the neighbourhood is Casa Milà, and Gaudi’s architecture is without a doubt the area’s best feature. The views from La Pedrera’s roof are my favourite feature, although the entire property is interesting.

You should incorporate Casa Batlló, another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces in Eixample, into your schedule. The museum’s artwork will occupy your time for hours, and the building itself is utterly captivating.

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Top Accommodation Options In Eixample

Eixample, central to Barcelona, hosts many top tourist spots. It’s ideal for upscale hotels but lacks budget accommodations. Most lodgings here are near Gaudi’s iconic creations, perfect for easy access to Barcelona’s famous monuments.

El Palace Hotel in Barcelona

Hotel El Palace is among the best place to stay in Barcelona, a superb, lavish hotel located in a great area of Eixample. It’s only a ten-minute walk to the north to Casa Batlló and the south entrance to the Gothic Quarter. Stay here if you’re seeking the best place to explore Barcelona.

The hotel areas give you the impression that you are in a palace, and the guest rooms are roomy with tasteful, traditional furnishings. The hotel’s lavish furnishings and décor will never fail to remind you that you’re staying at a five-star establishment in Barcelona.

Every room features a desk, flat-screen TV and private bathroom. The hotel also has a wonderful outdoor pool with stunning city views, a spa, and a fitness centre. There are two restaurants in El Palace Hotel, one of which is located on the balcony on the roof.

Rosellon Sercotel Hotel

Sercotel Hotel Rosellon is a four-star hotel with a five-star view of La Sagrada Familia. Your accommodation will be in the heart of Barcelona, about 300 meters from the most famous monument in the city.

The rooms include everything you might need for your stay. Each room features a desk, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, and an ensuite bathroom. The rooftop bar, which provides sporadic views of the ongoing building of Gaudi’s most famous masterpiece, is by far the best feature of the hotel.

There is no pool, exercise centre, or restaurant at Sercotel Hotel Rosellon. The hotel is about five minutes away from an abundance of dining options. Breakfast is included in the nightly rate, which starts at roughly $300 per night.

Loft Hostel Barcelona

For low-cost lodging, Eixample is not a great neighbourhood. The only lodging options available to you are budget hotels and hostels, both of which are expensive for what you get. The Loft Hostel Barcelona is unquestionably one of the best affordable options, with bedrooms starting at just $40.

Casa Milà is only two minutes away from the hostel, so the location is good enough to make the price worth it. Most of Barcelona’s famous places, like restaurants and shops, are within walking distance. The hostel is also near the metro station

There are dormitories for six to twelve guests, with mixed and female-only options. The smaller dorms cost more.  But the hostel’s common areas are fantastic. In summer, there’s even an outdoor lounge.

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3. Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I La Ribera: The Best Place To See Art And Culture

The Barcelona EDITION - Tzell Travel Group

Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I la Ribera, is one of the best place to stay in Barcelona, a fashionable neighbourhood with first-rate local markets, independent stores, and art museums. It includes smaller neighbourhoods, such as the bustling and stylish El Born, which is highly well-liked by Barcelona’s younger population.

Young adults, particularly creative types, adore this city area. With its trendy coffee shops, markets, vintage boutiques, and numerous art museums and galleries in Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I la Ribera.

The Best Activities to Do in  Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I la Ribera

This Barcelona neighbourhood is perhaps the best for all art lovers and creatives in the city because of its numerous fantastic art museums. There are many notable historical buildings and sites in the neighbourhood.

Explore the artwork of the most secretive artist in the world at the Banksy Museum. Banksy’s constant goal is to shock and raise awareness, so you won’t likely walk out of this museum feeling cheery and optimistic.

Visit Ciutadella Park to explore beautifully designed walking routes, gardens, and an amazing lake for boating. The Barcelona Zoo, the Parliament of Catalonia, and some smaller institutions are located inside the vast park.

The Museu de la Xocolata has some amazing sculptures made of chocolate. Parodies of vintage comic books and cartoons make up most of the displays, but there are some real gems on display, like a chocolate version of Sagrada Familia.

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Top Hotels in Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I La Ribera

Some of Barcelona’s top hotels can be found in this expansive neighbourhood, particularly if you’re searching for boutique and premium accommodations. Most travellers will find Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I la Ribera to be good alternatives because there are also a few affordable hotels there.

But remember that the majority of visitors to this stylish and hip neighbourhood are young adults. You can determine whether or not that should be included in the advantages or disadvantages list, but it’s important to keep that in mind while selecting a location to stay in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Edition 

One of the best place to stay in Barcelona and one of the most opulent hotels in the whole Ciutat Vella region is the Barcelona Edition. It is a great choice for those who want opulent lodging because of its spacious rooms. The hotel has a private toilet, desk, TV, and lounging area in each of its guest rooms.

The hotel also features a bar, billiards, a pool table, and two restaurants. The hotel’s centrepiece is unquestionably the rooftop bar, which provides breathtaking views of Barcelona’s rooftops. Worth the $550 per night, this is one of the city’s best rooftop bars.

Mercer House Bòria

In the heart of Ciutat Vella sits the boutique hotel Mercer House Bòria. It has large rooms with private bathrooms and contemporary furniture. Each room features a seating area, a minibar, and a TV.

The hotel’s amenities are a bit disappointing. If you prefer having these services, you might consider staying at another hotel because this one doesn’t have a restaurant or fitness centre. However, there’s a coffee shop on site, and the rooftop terrace has fantastic views of the Santa María del Mar cathedral.

Born Barcelona Hostel.

A fantastic low-cost choice close to Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf is Born Barcelona Hostel, the best place to stay in Barcelona. It offers surprisingly nice double rooms with communal bathrooms, as well as dorms with just 4 or 6 beds.

The shared spaces are tastefully designed and spotless. The dining room seats aren’t the most comfy, but well enough for nights for less than $40. But the private room, which costs more than $130 a night and doesn’t have a private bathroom, might not be the best choice.

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4. Gracia: Best For The Architecture of Gaudi

Gracia: Best For The Architecture of Gaudi

Gracia is included in the best place to stay in Barcelona, a large neighbourhood well-known for its cafes serving Catalan food and its pedestrian pathways. This neighbourhood is a top choice for anyone wishing to see more of the renowned architect’s works because most of the streets are decorated with his architectural designs.

The southern parts of the neighbourhood are great for tourists, and the whole area goes all the way to the bottom of Mount Tibidabo. It’s next to Eixample and lets you easily walk to many famous places in Barcelona. The green and yellow metro lines run through here, so it’s really easy to reach other parts of the city.

The Best Activities to Do in Gracia

The feeling of being local is what makes staying in Gracia the best. Along with getting to see some of the most well-known tourist destinations in the city, you’ll discover all the eateries that people truly frequent.

Park Guell is the greatest and most well-known attraction in Gracia. For those who visit Barcelona with an interest in architecture, this place is a dream come true, with its buildings adorned with mosaics and the actual home where Antoni Gaudi once resided.

The architect Gaudí is also the creator of the amazing Casa Vicens. It is unique due to the Moorish influences and the tower that protrudes from the building’s corner.

Since Gracia is a well-known centre for Catalan eateries, visitors staying in this neighbourhood should plan a local cuisine tour. Enjoy Fricandó, Faves a la Catalana, and Canelons when you visit the neighbourhood markets to see what assortment of cured meats is available.

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Top Accommodation Options in Gracia

Gracia is one of the greatest neighbourhoods for low-cost travel because it has a large selection of hotels at every price level. For visitors who would rather stay in private apartments, it’s also the greatest area of the city.

Casa Fuster Hotel

The Casa Fuster Hotel in Gracia is one of the best place to stay in Barcelona for an exquisite experience. It is located on the southern edge of the neighbourhood, on the edge of Eixample. The weekly rate is very amazing for a luxury hotel in Barcelona in such a great location, it starts at less than $400.

The hotel is housed in a famous structure from the early 20th century. Indeed, a stay at Casa Fuster is an experience of a lifetime, as the building has been inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Despite its age, the hotel features contemporary amenities like a fitness centre, sauna, and rooftop pool. It features a classy restaurant for dining as well. The rooms are spacious, brightly decorated, and feature large bathrooms.

Hotel Ronda Lesseps

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Barcelona, consider Hotel Ronda Lesseps, a lovely four-star hotel near Parc Guell. It offers comfy beds in contemporary, cosy apartments, each equipped with a desk, flat-screen TV, and private bathroom. Additionally, all visitors can enjoy amenities such as a coffee machine, a mini fridge, and free WiFi.

Casa Jam Barcelona

Casa Jam Barcelona, a reasonably priced hostel, is an excellent choice in Gracia for budget-conscious visitors. It offers tastefully furnished, spotlessly clean rooms and is conveniently located just a 5-minute stroll from the nearest metro station.

Accommodation options include private family rooms, quadruple rooms with a private toilet, and dorms with four or six beds, with the quadruple rooms offering great value for groups of four. Guests have access to a shared kitchen and free Wi-Fi, as well as well-decorated common areas.

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5. La Barceloneta: Best Beach Access

The 10 Best Beaches in Barcelona & Surroundings | CuddlyNest

For those who are particularly interested in sandy beaches, the best place to stay in Barcelona is the La Barceloneta neighbourhood, which is located around the beach of the same name.

Just keep in mind that La Barceloneta is a long way from the city centre, so if you still want to see the well-known tourist destinations, it will take you some time to go around. It’s not the safest district in Barcelona at night, everyone is usually safe in the wealthy neighbourhoods around the expensive hotels.

The Best Activities to Do in  La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta doesn’t have a lot of tourist attractions, but the ones that do exist are fantastic. The greatest thing about this area of the city is La Barceloneta Beach. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to the expansive sand stretch, where they may spend a day relaxing on lounge chairs while drinking cocktails and taking in the sound of breaking waves.

To get to Montjuic Hill, take the Port Cable Car. You’ll get to see breathtaking vistas while exploring this city, and it’s a great chance to try something new.

A comprehensive historical exhibit about the region is available at the Museum of the History of Catalonia. It’s perfect for tourists who wish to discover more about Catalan culture.

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Top Accommodation Options in La Barceloneta

Since La Barceloneta is a small neighbourhood, it is less important where exactly your lodging is located. Unless you want to be right on the beach, in which case this waterfront region has a number of good possibilities.

W Barcelona
The W Barcelona is among the best place to stay in Barcelona, a five-star luxury hotel situated right on the beach. If you want to make full use of Barcelona’s beaches, stay here. This upscale hotel has private lounges and direct access to the beach. The guest rooms at The W are spacious and exquisitely furnished.

They include enormous windows that provide a breathtaking view of the beach, contemporary furniture, and suitable bathrooms. Each room features a minibar, a desk, a seating space, a minibar, a Bose Bluetooth music system, and a Nespresso coffee maker. Three swimming pools are available at the hotel; the indoor pool is open year-round, while the other two are seasonal outdoor pools.

Along with many other amenities, this magnificent hotel boasts a gourmet restaurant, a spa centre, a gym, and a rooftop bar. There’s hardly a better spot to stay in Barcelona than this for a laid-back beach vacation.

The 54 Hotel Barceloneta
A three-star boutique hotel with views of Barcelona’s waterfront is called Hotel 54 Barceloneta. It’s a fantastic choice if you wish to stay in a moderate hotel with traditional amenities and be close to the sandy beach.

This hotel has dining areas, tiny balconies, and private bathrooms in each of its guest rooms. Although Hotel 54 lacks a restaurant, it does boast a breakfast bar. In addition, there’s a rooftop terrace with wonderful sea views. You’ll have lots of dining alternatives in Barceloneta because the hotel is close to a large number of eateries and seafood bars.

Residence Campus del Mar

The Residencia Campus del Mar is one of the best place to stay in Barcelona on a low budget in La Barceloneta. You may live next to the seaside without breaking the bank. For two people, the nightly rate is just $160, which is a great price for this upscale venue.

Everyone is free to utilise the game room, library, and laundry room. Every studio apartment also includes a workstation and even a dining area, in addition to a kitchen and a private bathroom.

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El Poble-Sec: Best For Alternative Stay

Das Poble Sec Viertel

Explore El Poble-Sec, located at the foot of Montjuïc Hill, for a unique perspective of Barcelona away from the city centre and Gaudi’s famous landmarks. Consider staying here for a second visit to Barcelona, especially if you’ve already seen the standard tourist attractions. Sants-Montjuïc offers diverse museums, the renowned Montjuïc Castle, and stunning vistas.

The Best Activities to Do in El Poble-Sec

One small neighbourhood in Sants-Montjuïc that has a lot of entertaining things to do for visitors is El Poble-Sec. El Poble-Sec offers various museums, panoramic views, and cable car rides.

The centrepiece of the hill bearing its name is the Montjuïc Castle, which offers panoramic views of Barcelona’s centre as well as historical and artistic displays. Discover a landmark in Barcelona that is still somewhat of a hidden gem by coming here.

See how Euro-Siberian plants are surviving in Barcelona’s warm environment by visiting the Jardi Botanic Historic. The botanical garden’s cool microclimate, created on the site of a disused quarry, fosters the growth of these unusual species.

History buffs will be pleased to learn that El Poble-Sec features a bomb shelter from the Spanish Civil War. Constructed by the villagers themselves, Refugi 307 offers guided tours and valuable historical insight into the area. This is genuinely one of the most fascinating history excursions in Barcelona, so don’t miss it.

The city’s most well-liked art museum is the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. This museum is the main reason many visitors to El Poble-Sec come there, and if you’re interested in Catalan art over the ages, you really must visit. There’s even a sizable collection of Romanesque artefacts in this great museum show.

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Top Accommodation Options in El Poble-Sec

It is astonishing how many hotels El Poble-Sec has to offer for a quiet neighbourhood. Additionally, there are hotels in this area that cater to all budgets, so whether you want to treat yourself or stay in a hostel, you may find an appropriate choice.

Barcelona’s Hotel Miramar

Atop Montjuïc Hill sits the luxurious Hotel Miramar.  It’s in a peaceful part of the city, near the Plaça de l’Armada and beautiful viewpoints. However, its distance from Barcelona’s main attractions makes it inconvenient for sightseeing.

This hotel is amazing in every way. The rooms are big and beautifully decorated, with spacious bathrooms. Each room has a terrace, a TV, a desk, and a sitting area. Some bathrooms even have glass sinks. Plus, there are two pools, a gym, and a restaurant right here at the hotel.

This hotel is one the best place to stay in Barcelona, amazing in every way. The rooms are big and beautifully decorated, with spacious bathrooms. Each room has a terrace, a TV, a desk, and a sitting area. Some bathrooms even have glass sinks. Plus, there are two pools, a gym, and a restaurant right here at the hotel.

Hotel Concordia Barcelona

A four-star hotel called Hotel Concordia is located next to the Poble Sec metro stop. This hotel is great for seeing Barcelona because it’s only 15 minutes from the city centre.

The hotel features large, contemporary rooms with vibrant decorations. Each guest room has a TV, computer, and seating area, in addition to an incredibly spacious and cosy double bed.

Other facilities provided by Hotel Concordia include a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, and outdoor pool. All guests have access to free WiFi and room service. It’s a pretty good hotel, and the nightly rate is less expensive than what you would have to spend in Barcelona

Onefam Ramblas

For those on a tight budget, the Onefam Ramblas is the best choice in this area of Barcelona. Dormitory bed costs start at $40 per night. Additionally, the Barcelona port, where you can take in breathtaking sea views, is only a short stroll away.

The most crucial aspect is that the hostel is immaculate, standing out as one of the best place to stay in Barcelona. It provides many common areas, such as a large community terrace, where visitors can socialise. The hostel also hosts free family dinners every night, which is a great way to meet many people and save a lot of money on food.

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When you plan your visit to Barcelona, think about what each neighbourhood has to offer. This way, you can find the best match for your travel style. You’ll surely have an amazing time in this lively city. Plus, with budget-friendly places to stay like Onefam Ramblas, it’s easier than ever to explore all the different areas of Barcelona.

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