The Top 10 Best States to Visit in the US in 2024

Planning on the best states to visit in the US and wondering which states to include in your itinerary? The United States is a mix of vibrant cities, diverse cultures, and enthralling scenery that offers everything from quick city breaks to more extended trips into the great outdoors.

Every American state has a distinct personality and attraction of its own. Discover the wildness of Alaska, savor exquisite wines in California, and cross off must-see locations in New York State. There is an American state that is perfect for you, whether your goals are to unwind on sun-kissed beaches, experience the thrills and spills of a top-notch theme park, or embrace the beauty of its national parks and desert landscapes.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 best states to visit in the US that offer a diverse range of attractions, from stunning natural landscapes to vibrant cultural experiences.

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Criteria for Selecting the Best States to Visit in the US

When compiling this list, we considered various factors, including scenic beauty, cultural significance, outdoor activities, and the overall visitor experience. Each state offers something unique and memorable for travelers of all interests.

  1. Scenic Beauty: Consideration was given to states with stunning natural landscapes, including mountains, beaches, forests, and deserts.
  2. Cultural Significance: States rich in history, heritage, and cultural landmarks were favored, offering visitors opportunities to explore diverse cultural experiences.
  3. Outdoor Activities: States offering a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, surfing, and wildlife viewing were prioritized.
  4. Visitor Experience: The overall experience for tourists, including accessibility, accommodation options, transportation, and tourist infrastructure, was taken into account.
  5. Diversity of Attractions: States with a diverse range of attractions, including iconic landmarks, national parks, urban centers, and off-the-beaten-path destinations, were highlighted.
  6. Safety and Accessibility: States that prioritize safety measures for tourists and provide ease of access for travelers of all backgrounds and abilities were considered favorable choices.
  7. Visitor Reviews and Recommendations: Feedback from travelers, online reviews, and recommendations from tourism experts were considered in the selection process.
  8. Unique Experiences: States offering unique and memorable experiences that set them apart from others were given special consideration.

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The List of the best states to visit in the US

1. California: The Golden State

These are the best California cities in 2023, according to Forbes

One of the best states to visit in the US is California. The Golden State has everything you need for a restful vacation, gorgeous beaches, excellent weather, and rolling wine country. Celebrate your inner kid by going to Disneyland Park in Anaheim or exploring the exhilarating experiences offered by San Diego’s countless water parks.

Come thirsty, since California, often known as the Grape State, produces almost 90% of the wine consumed in the country! Aside from wine and beaches, California boasts some breathtaking scenery, from sun-kissed beaches to dunes in the desert and all points in between.

Explore the famous city sights like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, hike the peaks of Yosemite National Park, or travel to Death Valley, the lowest point in the United States. Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore the creepy hallways of the infamous jail on Alcatraz Island. It is very unforgettable!

2. Florida: The Sunshine State

Florida is among the best states to visit in the US for travelers seeking fun in the sun. Over 90 million tourists that come to Florida each year attest to the fact that the state is where fun is had. Referred to as the Sunshine State, it boasts an abundance of family-friendly attractions, ranging from water parks and amusement parks to beaches. Moreover, it has more than 230 sunny days annually!

The most well-known theme park in the world, Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, is located in Orlando, which is without a doubt the highlight. But visitors can also have a good time at Universal Studios, the numerous opulent malls, and the rolling golf courses.

With its beautiful sand beaches, opulent beach resorts, and diving spots, Miami comes in second. Surprisingly, Florida has more golf courses and more lakes per capita than any other state in the US. It helps that it’s the flattest state in the union, making it ideal for teeing off.

3. New York: The Empire State

Nestled in the northeastern region of the country is New York State, one of the best states to visit in the US. Adorned with the title Empire State, it is most known for the cosmopolitan views of New York City, which include the glittering skyscrapers of Manhattan, the busy Times Square, and the verdant promenades of Central Park.

The fourth most populous state in the union attracts tourists not only because of the Big Apple but also because of the more sedate activities available upstate, such as the fascinating Adirondacks.

Along with the thunderous Niagara Falls, gorgeous beaches on Long Island, and the wine-producing Finger Lakes Region home to more than 100 wineries, breweries, and distilleries other well-known features of New York State are its beaches. Hiking around the numerous lakes, vineyard tastings, or a combination of the two for the best of both worlds are all available here!

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4. Hawaii: The Aloha State

The world’s longest island chain is found in the state of Hawaii; it is so long that it has its time zone! Not only is it the southernmost state in the US, but it’s the only one wholly composed of islands. Surprisingly, out of all these more than 130 islands, only seven are inhabited. The remaining time is all yours for excursions! Imagine hiking to waterfalls, exhilarating helicopter trips, and relaxing beach days!

For foodies, the Aloha State is a fantastic place to visit. Hawaii grows more than one-third of the world’s pineapples, and it is the only state that grows its coffee. Every island has something special to offer; you may spend your days exploring Kauai’s waterfalls, surfing on the Big Island, or unwinding on the pristine beaches of Oahu. Hawaii is among the best states to visit in the US.

5. Washington: The Evergreen State

Washington D.C.| Where We Travel | Plan | Plan and Book | ANA

 The state named after a president, Washington, is one of the best states to visit in the US and a great place to start your tour of the country. Its profusion of lush green forests many of which may be found in Seattle, the Emerald City have earned the state the moniker Evergreen State.

It’s interesting to note that it produces more apples than any other state in the US and is the location of North America’s oldest human remains. Washington state, which is divided in half by the Cascade Mountains, features parks, farms, and picturesque islands on one side and coastal woods, farmlands, and hundreds of wineries on the other.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, the North Cascades’ sharp freshwater lakes and towering mountains make for a breathtaking discovery. The San Juan Islands are a group of forested islands that provide kayaking, orca whale viewing, and bird-watching options for people who would prefer a getaway from the mainland.

6. Texas: The Lone Star State

Texas, the country’s second-largest state is among the best states to visit in the US, a powerful state. Experience the rich history and culture of the Lone Star State, from cowboy heritage to modern art scenes. Indulge in mouthwatering barbecue, catch a live music performance, or venture out to Big Bend National Park for outdoor adventures. It is located in the South Central area.

Texas, sometimes referred to as the Lone Star State due to its flag and prior independence as a Republic, continues to feel distinct from the other states in the Union. The patriotic citizens of Texas, who live in 28 cities and have a vast territory, are united by a common set of values, patriotism, and unique cultural traits.

Take a trip down the San Antonio River Walk before you depart, since it offers countless chances for retail therapy, restaurants, museums, and art galleries. Visit the Alamo Historical Fort to learn a little bit about history. It was a major player in the 1835 Texan independence battle against Mexico.

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7. Arizona: The Grand Canyon State

Among the best states to visit in US is Arizona a captivating wonderland with breathtaking red rock canyons and desert plains. Although the Grand Canyon, which cuts through the striking Petrified Forest and the vivid Painted Desert, is its most well-known feature, Arizona offers much more than that.

In addition, the Grand Canyon State has more mountains than Switzerland, and its largest intact Ponderosa pine forest covers 25% of the state. You’ve got a little bit of everything when you combine it with the forested Mogollon Rim and the striking stretches of desert that are Monument Valley and the Sonoran Desert.

Despite its stunning environment, Arizona also boasts several charming little cities that are well worth visiting, such as Phoenix, the state capital, which is renowned for its world-class spas and championship golf courses.

8. Colorado: The Centennial State

Colorado, also referred to as the Centennial State is the highest elevation state in the union. Beautiful peaks, thick woods, deep valleys, and magnificent meandering rivers define this Mountain State. The majority of the attractions are outdoors, but Mile High City, Denver’s vibrant capital, is also well worth a visit because of its amazing nightlife and artisan breweries.

Colorado is also one of the best states to visit in the US, known for a lot of things. The tallest flat-top mountain in the world, the deepest hot spring on Earth, the highest paved road in the United States, and the largest hot spring pool all call this place home.

But the state of Colorado’s year-round skiing is one of the primary draws for visitors. The state is home to many top-notch ski resorts, such as Aspen and Vail, and its regular mountain snowstorms guarantee an abundance of new powder for snowboarding and skiing. Although there are fantastic bargains available all year, February and March in Colorado offer the best skiing by far.

9. Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska is the largest state and one of the best states to visit in the US, a breathtaking area with millions of shimmering lakes, hundreds of thousands of amazing glaciers, and thousands of rivers and streams. Almost 5% of the state is covered by these enchanted glaciers! Alaska offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Alaska is a remote region that is sometimes referred to as the Last Frontier due to its isolation from the other US states. Most of them are found in the Arctic. Although a brief trip to Alaska probably won’t cover everything, you may get a sense of the place by going on excursions to see Kodiak bears, wolves, moose, and whales, among other animals.

Unknown to many, Alaska has about 240 days a year with the best Northern Lights views! This is probably because there isn’t much light in the state in some areas, sunrise is delayed by nearly two months! When the sun rises, it does rise—it doesn’t set for three months on average. This time of year is ideal for seeing wildlife.

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10. Wyoming: The Cowboy State

Wyoming is a wild and lovely state nestled amid the untamed mountains of the Western United States. It is one of the least populous states in America, despite its size. Here, the sights and people of the city give way to limitless wilderness, hot springs, cowboy ranches, and national parks.

However, this place also has a history; in 1869, Wyoming became the first state to provide women the right to vote. Yellowstone National Park is a top destination for nature lovers because of its remarkable geothermal activity and plentiful wildlife, which includes grizzly bears, wolves, and elk. More geysers reside there than in any other geyser field worldwide!

Wyoming is one of the best states to visit in the US, ideal for many outdoor activities, from hiking, swimming, and kayaking to mountain biking and skiing, especially when combined with Grand Teton National Park and Hot Springs State Park.

With so many incredible states to explore, choosing where to visit in the USA can be daunting. Whether you’re drawn to the bright lights of the big cities or the tranquility of the great outdoors, each state offers its unique charm and adventure. So pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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