17 Best Tourist Attractions in Budapest

Offering some of the best tourist attractions in Budapest for visitors to explore and enjoy. Budapest, with its captivating blend of history, culture, and stunning architecture, is a delight to visit and has long been a well-liked travel destination.

It is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, having been dominated by many groups including the Romans, Ottomans, and Austro-Hungarians. As a result, the city is filled with remarkable historical sites, engrossing museums, and breathtaking architectural designs.

Budapest, which spans the Danube River and was formerly made up of the two separate cities of Buda on the west bank and Pest on the east, only joined as a single city in 1873. Known as the City of Spas because of all the hot springs it is situated atop.

Budapest is well known not just for its various attractions and beauties but also for its exciting nightlife. Budapest is unquestionably one of the highlights of any trip to Central Europe and should not be missed.

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The Top Best Tourist Attractions in Budapest

1. The Parliament Building in Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Tickets Price - All you Need to Know - TourScanner

The Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, and it’s the biggest structure in the entire nation; its size and scope are astounding and it dwarfs everything in its immediate vicinity. One of the city’s most identifiable sights, the enormous structure is situated on the banks of the Danube River.

Situated on either side of a massive, towering dome, the building’s two symmetrical facades are lavishly adorned with sculptures depicting important Hungarian people, making it one of the best examples of Gothic Revival architecture in existence. Its interior, which was finished in 1904 and is equally fascinating to explore on excursions, includes the Congress Hall, the Dome Hall, and the Golden Staircase.

The parliament has 691 rooms in all, each one more tastefully furnished than the last. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Budapest, the Hungarian Parliament Building is still in use by the nation’s government and should not be missed when discovering everything that Budapest has to offer.

2. Castle Hill

Castle Hill, which is located on the Buda side of the city, commands a spectacular view over Budapest’s surroundings and the Danube River. Despite its small size, the hill is home to several of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, including Matthias Church, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Tower, and Buda Castle with its amazing museums.

Admiring the stunning Baroque, Gothic, and Neoclassical architecture amidst the grand buildings of the Royal Palace complex and the Old Town’s winding, narrow cobblestone alleyways is truly an experience. Taking the magnificent old Castle Hill Funicular, which winds its way up the hillside, is a great way to reach the top of the hill.

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3. Szechenyi Bath

While there are many great thermal springs in Budapest, none of them are nearly as well-known or well-liked as Szechenyi, which is one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest and the biggest spa complex in all of Europe. The large facilities, housed in a gorgeous brilliant yellow Neo-Baroque edifice constructed in 1913, offer saunas, steam rooms, and of course, thermal pools for your enjoyment.

There are many beautiful decorations, like sculptures, chandeliers, and mosaics, making it a great location to decompress. It’s usually peaceful there, even though it may get rather busy that is until you go during one of its Saturday night pool parties! It’s imperative to indulge in the thermal pools of Szechenyi Bath when visiting the City of Spas.

4. St Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica is one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, a breathtaking sight that nearly obstructs the sky with its massive and majestic exterior. The massive Roman Catholic basilica, named for the first monarch of Hungary, has two impressive bell towers and a big cupola on top.

Its large interior is ornately adorned, with some amazing mosaics, statues, and paintings nestled between its robust marble columns.  Visitors can climb to the top of the basilica for panoramic views of the city and admire its awe-inspiring interior adorned with marble and gold.

The most significant church in the nation, St. Stephen’s was finished in 1905 and is still active today. Daily religious services are joined by choral concerts and classical performances.

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5. Buda Castle

Buda Castle, perched atop Castle Hill, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, as well as one of Budapest’s most iconic landmarks. The expansive Buda Castle and palace complex, which is fascinating to explore, was formerly the residence of Hungarian monarchs and queens.

Constructed in 1265 at one extremity of Castle Hill, the majestic Baroque mansion presently houses the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum, both of which are highly recommended for exploration.

Although the former has many fascinating artefacts that walk you through Budapest’s turbulent history, the latter has an enormous collection of amazing paintings, sculptures, and prints. Buda Castle is ideal for those who enjoy art, history, and architecture.

6. Fishermen’s Bastion

The enchanted Fisherman’s Bastion, housed inside Buda Castle, is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest. Perched atop a hill, the strikingly white walls of the building are dotted with seven graceful and ornate towers, one for each of the Hungarian chieftains who established the nation in 1895.

The bastion, which was constructed in 1902, bears the name of the guild of fishermen who formerly guarded this section of the city’s defenses. With its fairy-tale towers and panoramic terraces, is a must-visit attraction in Budapest. This neo-Gothic structure offers unparalleled views of the Danube River and the city skyline, making it a favorite spot for photographers and romantics alike, sunset is a particularly beautiful time of day to come.

7. The Island of Margaret

Margaret Island, one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, which is primarily covered with gorgeous, lush parks, is a very pleasant and scenic area to spend some time in. Margaret Island is situated in the heart of the Danube River. Arpad Bridge in the north and Margaret Bridge in the south connect the island to both sides of Budapest.

It has numerous beautiful pathways and trails, an athletics center, and a water park.  Margaret Island is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike, with some interesting historical ruins and a lively Music Fountain. Explore the beautiful gardens, unwind by the fountain, or engage in outdoor pursuits like cycling, running, and picnicking.

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8. Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Szechenyi Chain Bridge, one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, was hailed as an engineering marvel and a representation of Hungary’s reawakening and resurgence when it was inaugurated in 1849. The cast iron structure, which connected Buda with Pest, was the nation’s first-ever permanent Danube bridge and contributed to the East stronger relationship with the West.

Spanning the Danube River, the Chain Bridge is not only a vital transportation link but also a symbol of Budapest’s unity. The bridge has some amazing ornamental aspects in addition to its outstanding design, with four lion statues standing guard at either end. The Szechenyi Chain Bridge is one of the city’s most photographed attractions because of its stunning nighttime illumination.

9. Gellért Hill

Gellért Hill, one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, situated on the banks of the Danube River, is a prominent landmark in Budapest, Hungary. Named after Saint Gerard, who was martyred on the hill in the 11th century, Gellért Hill offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the majestic Danube River.

Gellért Hill provides an enthralling fusion of historical significance, natural beauty, and cultural relevance. Gellért Hill’s ageless appeal is likely to attract tourists, whether they are taking in the expansive views from the Liberty Statue or unwinding in the soothing waters of the Gellért Thermal Bath.

Visitors to Gellért Hill can embark on a leisurely hike or take the convenient tram up to the summit. Once there, they can explore the Citadel, admire the Liberty Statue, and enjoy panoramic views of Budapest’s skyline. Nature enthusiasts can wander through the hill’s verdant slopes, while history buffs can delve into the area’s rich past at the museum.

10. The Matthias Church

Matthias Church, Budapest: Photo of the Week

One of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, Matthias Church, is situated in a breathtaking location directly next to the Fishermen’s Bastion. Its magnificent front and tall tower showcase some amazing Gothic details, and when the sun shines on it, its light-colored bricks practically shimmer.

The church has a rich and interesting history, having been rebuilt in the second part of the 14th century after the old one was destroyed by the Mongols. In addition to serving as a mosque during the Ottoman era, Franz Joseph I was crowned Emperor within these walls, and the ornate interior fittingly commemorates the momentous occurrence.

Visitors can marvel at its colorful tiled roof, intricate stained glass windows and exquisite frescoes depicting biblical scenes. Matthias Church is a must-see when in Budapest. It’s even more lovely at night, making for amazing images.

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11. Shoes on the Danube River

This modest memorial, which was only built in 2005, recounts the horrifying tale of the 3,500 Jews and dissidents who were ruthlessly killed by the Arrow Cross Party, a fascist organization that briefly controlled Hungary during World War II.

It stands as one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, offering a poignant reminder of the city’s tragic past and honoring the memory of those who lost their lives during this dark chapter in history. The unfortunate victims were gathered up by the militiamen, told to take off their shoes, shot, and had their remains washed away by the river.

The bronze shoes honoring their untimely deaths are a poignant sight, scattered across the riverbed not far from the Hungarian Parliament Building. Visitors can pay their respects to the victims by viewing the bronze shoes, which symbolize the senseless loss of life during this tragic chapter of history.

12. The Heroe’s Square

Heroes Square, one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, which is located close to City Park at one end of Andrassy Avenue, is named for the enormous monument that sits at its center. Two graceful colonnades stand on either side of the massive column that dominates the square and stretches towards the sky. Statues of notable and significant Hungarian national leaders are proudly on display in each.

More magnificent and epic-looking statues, representing the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars the original Hungarian leaders can be found near the foot of the column. Heroes’ Square is Budapest’s biggest and most significant square, bordered by the Palace of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts.

13. The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue, sometimes called the Dohany Street Synagogue, is one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest and one of the most significant and striking structures in the city. Constructed in 1859, it exhibits remarkable Moorish Revival architecture, and its elaborately designed interior is equally remarkable to behold.

It is noteworthy that, after Jerusalem’s Belz Great Synagogue, it is the second-largest synagogue in the world, a testament to the once-dominant and significant Jewish community in Budapest.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Jewish community in the city, you should visit the Great Synagogue. It is attached to a Jewish museum, various memorials honoring the Holocaust, and a sizable Jewish cemetery behind it.

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14.  Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle’s creative design showcases an amazing assortment of Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque features, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest and giving it the appearance of something straight out of a fairytale.

Originally constructed for the Millennium World Exhibition, this cardboard and wood fortification was modeled after a similar fortress in Transylvania. But because of its magical qualities, the townsfolk found it so appealing that the architect Ignac Alpar’s design was eventually realized in 1896 using appropriate materials.

The strange and distinctive castle, which is situated in City Park, makes for some amazing pictures. Heroes Square and Szechenyi Bath are both conveniently close by. Visitors can wander through its enchanting courtyard, admire its romantic turrets and towers, and learn about Hungarian history and culture.

15. Hospital in the Rock

Located in the incredible cavern network beneath Buda Castle, the Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest. Established in the 1930s, it was later fortified and turned into a covert nuclear bunker during the Cold War after serving as an emergency hospital and bomb shelter during World War II.

It is a well-liked tourist destination these days. A great experience is exploring the museum’s underground area, where you can see Soviet espionage equipment, hospital beds, and waxwork characters. The educational exhibitions and displays tell you everything there is to know about the facility’s history in addition to providing you with a glimpse of its former appearance.

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16. The Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall is one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest and a great place to browse the city’s biggest and oldest indoor market. A vast array of diverse stores, stalls, and restaurants can be found within its expansive interior.

The market, which spans three floors and is housed in a stunning 1897 building, is bustling with activity as sellers peddle their goods and visitors and residents move around.

Situated in Fovam Square, a short stroll from numerous other impressive attractions, the Great Market Hall is a paradise for foodies and souvenir hunters. Visitors can sample traditional Hungarian delicacies, browse stalls selling local produce and handicrafts, and immerse themselves in Budapest’s vibrant culinary scene.

17. Citadella

Budapest's Landmark Citadel Gets a Modern Makeover

The Citadella, one of the best tourist attractions in Budapest, perched atop Gellert Hill, provides breathtaking views of Budapest and the Danube River below. Constructed in 1851 by the Habsburgs, the sturdy-appearing fort was subsequently taken over by the Nazis and subsequently the Communists. It has both oppressed and defended the local populace throughout its history.

On top of it now stands a stunning Liberation Monument for visitors to see. The vantage point of the fort still offers breathtaking vistas, even though access to its interior is no longer available to the general public.

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Budapest is a city of contrasts, where ancient history meets modernity and East meets West. From its historic landmarks and thermal baths to its vibrant markets and cultural institutions, Budapest offers something for everyone. Budapest is sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

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